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What Is A Giclee?

A Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) refers to both a category of collectible fine art similar to lithographs and serigraphs, as well as a type of digitally created fine art print. However, not all digital prints are Giclees. Only prints that adhere to strict printmaking standards can be called a Giclee. More information can be found on the "What Is A Giclee" page.


Do I Need To Send My Original?

Whenever possible, we like to direct scan the original painting with our large format scanner. It is also helpful to view the original when doing color correction work, however, it is not required that you send us original artwork. We also work from transparencies or digital files. When submitting a transparency, please also supply a reasonably accurate photograph or reference print of the artwork.

Do You Stretch Canvas?

Yes, we hand stretch and use a canvas stretching machine depending on the type of job. 

Can I Send You A Digital Picture Of My Painting?

Usually, consumer digital cameras do not have sufficient resolution and image quality to correctly reproduce original artwork. Whereas most digital cameras have a resolution of about 6-10 megapixels, high resolution files for Giclees are typically 100-450 megabytes in size. Only the best (and very expensive) digital cameras used by professional photographers with studio lights produce photography files good enough for high quality Giclee prints.

Do You Scan Artwork?

Yes, our large format art scanner scans paintings up to 36" x 48" (approx. 91 x 121 cm) and provides enhanced detail and superior color capture. Paintings are placed face up on the scan bed and no mechanical processes touch or damage the painting. The scanner is built in Germany and is specially designed for precise work such as fine art and rare documents.

What Is A Transparency?

A transparency is a color positive (like a 35mm slide) taken of the original artwork by a professional photographer under studio conditions. We recommend 4" x 5" or 8" x 10" transparencies which provide good color and sharp detail. To get transparencies made, contact professional photographers skilled in copy work. When you go to pick up the transparency, ask to view it on a light box and inspect for color accuracy and sharpness.

Can I Use A 35mm Slide?
We can accept 35mm slides of artwork, but we do not recommend them. Print sizes will most likely be limited to smaller sizes. Whenever possible, have us direct-scan the painting, or provide a 4" x 5" or 8" x 10" transparency.

How Long Does It Take To Reproduce A Painting?

For the art reproduction process we usually recommend allowing about a week if you are able to visit our production facility. If you are out of the area, more time should be expected for shipping and any proofing that may be desired before printing. 

How Many Prints Do I Have To Order?
Our minimum is one print, however there are discounts available additional prints and great prices for volume orders. You can reorder at any time, in any quantity, however the more you order, the more you save.

I Live Across The Country, Don't I Need To Be There?

No, the process works quite well over long distances. It is far more important working with a good printer with the necessary skill and equipment, then working with someone down the street just because they are conveniant. Our customers are located nationwide. We have lots of experience in working with artists and photographers. We look forward to serving you too.

Do You Provide Certificates Of Authenticity?

Yes, we provide Certificates Of Authenticity (COA) with each Giclee print we produce upon request. The COA is your assurance of quality and discloses the printing process used.

How Big Can Giclee's Be?

Big. Depending on which printer we use and the material we print on, we produce Giclee prints up to 5 feet wide x 10 feet long or more.

How Long Do Giclee Reproductions Last?

Extensive permanence testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research and other labs have been conducted for processes we use. Longevity ratings varying by combinations of printer, ink and media choices and range up to 100+ years. We adhere to strict printmaking standards to produce giclee prints that will provide several decades of lasting many decades ultimately depends on how the Giclee is handled and other environmental conditions. Giclee prints are noted for resisting fading longer than traditional photographic prints, some original artwork and lithographic prints. It is very possible for Giclee's to outlive the artist and perhaps their family too.


What Is Digital Output?

Digital output is a service where we print your files from digital cameras or computer programs like Photoshop, Painter, Paintshop, Illustrator, Corel, Bryce, etc. Your files can be output on canvas, thick watercolor papers, photo paper or poster paper.

Are Digital Output Prints Giclees Too?

Yes, they can be crafted with the same care and materials used for giclee fine art reproductions.

PC Or Mac Files?

We support both PC and Mac files.

How Do I Set Up My Files For You?

For best results, submit Photoshop, .jpg or .tif files in Adobe 1998 RGB colorspace at 150-300 dpi at print size. Setup your files so they are print ready (correct size, resolution, borders, etc.) and provide specific instructions on which print media you want, borders, special instructions, etc. We do not color match files submitted to us unless you specifically request we do so and we are provided with a color reference print (add'l charges apply for color matching services charged at $70.00 per hour).

Proof Prints?

Proof prints are available of your files and are recommended for critical color work. Cost for proof prints on canvas or watercolor paper are $25.00 each (plus shipping). Approved and signed proof prints must be returned to us for use during final printing process.

Digital Camera Prints?

Yes, we print files from digital cameras with excellent results. Maximum print sizes will vary depending on file resolution and quality of the camera. Here's a guideline for typical maximum recommended print sizes for most digital cameras:

1 megapixel, approx. 5x7 prints
2 megapixel, approx. 8x10 prints
3 megapixel, approx. 16x20 prints
4 megapixel, approx. 18x24 prints
5 megapixel, approx. 22x26 prints
6 megapixel, approx. 24x30 prints
8 megapixel, approx. 30x40 prints
10+ megapixel, approx. 30x40+

Note: We have had very good success enlarging images from professional Canon and Nikon 6-10 megapixel digital SLR cameras. If you are a professional or serious hobbyist, we recommend shooting in RAW mode.

How Do I Send Files?
We accept digital files on disk, thumbdrive or electronically by email or FTP upload. Emailing of files is generally OK up to 15mb. Files larger than that should be sent using an FTP link. 

What Is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method of transferring files directly to our server while bypassing constraints of email. FTP is quick and we are able to accept compressed files up to 50 megs. Our FTP link is available on the front page of our parent compny's website at


Is Online Ordering Secure?

Yes, our online order system processes your orders in an encrypted format.  We do not share your information.