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Our fine art and photography printing departments produce high quality images on a variety of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

When you work with, you can rest assured that we do our part in lessening our ecological footprint.  We reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.

Green products have risen in popularity which is a very good thing.  Many of Americaís largest corporations are now demanding earth friendly alternatives- including for their graphics needs.

We believe in sustainable practices and are excited to offer real graphic solutions for companies seeking to lessen their impact on our planet.

  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Post Consumer Waste Content
  • Earth Friendly Manufacturing

Recyclable products are products that can be collected after their useful life and made into new products that have recycled content.  When considering the recyclability of a product, there are two separate and distinct issues:

     A.) Can the product technically be recycled (is there a method or company in existence that can recycle the product)?  Many products claim recyclability, but there are not recycling channels available.

     B.) In real life practical terms, can the product be recycled through existing methods or by recycling centers that are within reasonable proximity to your location.
We have carefully selected the best green products that allow us to provide large format digital printing solutions that can be recycled through the same methods and locations that recycle corrugated boxes and paper.

Biodegradability means that a product has the ability to break down safely and relatively quickly through biological means.  The result of this is a product returning itself cleanly and naturally to the environment.  Nature can generally biodegrade everything it produces back into basic organic building blocks.  This allows new natural organic products to be made from the old.

Products containing inorganic or volatile organic compounds generally do not breakdown into organic material, and therefore are not biodegradable.  Enzymes can be added to these products that attract microorganisms to consume and convert them to an organic state.  The product cannot be inherently toxic to the microorganisms.
We source special print media and mounting substrates that are made of organic non-volatile compounds.  These products are biodegradable naturally. We also utilize products that are manufactured with an enzyme that attracts microorganisms normally found in landfills.  These products are consumed and then converted into organic matter.


Recycled Content and Post Consumer waste are terms associated with new products produced from materials that have passed through one or more useful life cycles.  These recycled products are used produce new products instead of being disposed in landfills. There are three levels that products can be classified as recycled:

    A.) Primary Recycled: The reprocessing and manufacturing of discarded materials into the same
products that can again be recycled after their useful life.

    B.) Secondary Recycled: The reprocessing and manufacturing of discarded materials into different but similar products that can again be recycled. 

    C.) Tertiary Recycled: The reprocessing and manufacturing of discarded materials into products
that are not likely to be recycled again.
We use products that recyclable at all three levels.

    A.) Manufacturing processes where minimal solvents, inorganic or volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) are used or emitted. 

    B.) All compounds to produce a product are either converted 100 percent into the finished product or are returned to nature without any measurable change from their native state.

    C.) Minimal inorganic or landfill by-products are produced.  No dead end recovery or scrubbing processes are used in earth friendly manufacturing.

SUMMARY works with select providers of green products for the digital graphics industry. 
We are committed to do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle.